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1 out 5 elementary schools kids in the U.S. is taking melatonin as a sleep aid.


Circadian friendly lights to reduce sleep disruption

About Après Illumination

At Après Illumination, we believe our most natural state is outdoors, in the shaded sun. Unfortunately, people now spend over 92% of their lives indoors, under LED lights that are nothing like the sun. 

We're bringing the healing and disinfecting powers of sunlight indoors to reduce sleep disruption and improve global health.

Can the "right light" during the day really help people fall asleep 23% faster?  Yep, reach out, we'd love to explain.  

Bringing Natural Light Indoors

Bringing sunlight indoors for better






Sky-Importer-Eclat-Digital-1024x576 (1).png


SKY is a remarkable addition to our lighting lineup. Its human centric light mimicks the sun, providing natural light like never before. With the ability to fully imitate the rising and setting sun, this light will transform your space. This innovative design uses a revolutionary new "violet pump" technology that completely eliminates the blue light hazard from other LEDs and produces a comfortable, balanced spectrum like the sun 

LTDCR2x2 2.png
UV-C Fixture2.png


FRESH -Active air handling , UVC lights are designed to provide the ultimate disinfection solution for classrooms, offices and other environments. Our patented technology is tested and proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses, making it an essential tool for keeping your air clean and you and your loved ones healthy. 

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