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Using science to get back to nature

Our 30 year journey to mimic sunlight indoors

While light fixtures are important to us, the secret sauce is not the light fixture, it's the LIGHT coming out. That magic happens at the LED board, driver and control gear level. To produce the right spectrum at the right time takes expertise in LED dies, phosphors, packaging, PCB board design & assembly and that's just the LED board. 

It's even more complex to control the power to optimally drive the packaged LED chips to produce the desired spectrum without compromising efficiency and life. Our dedication to mimicking the sun doesn't stop there. Next time you look out a window you'll notice sunlight doesn't "flicker" like the vast majority LEDs.


We go to  great length to minimize flicker without compromising dimmability (a.k.a. intensity) as controlling intensity is critical in mimicking sunlight and its seamless transition between rising, midday and setting. 

LED Driver.png
LED Board.png
smd mount LED chip.png

Dynamic - Constantly shifting spectrum sunrise to sunset


2700K Sunlike .jpg


5700K Sunlike.jpg


4000K Sunlike.jpg
Sunlike vs PC White LED.png

2-"Cyan Gap"

3- "Blue Spike"

Sunlike vs The Sun .png

4- "Balanced Spectrum"

Après vs. Typical LED

Our patent-pending, HumanOptix light engine



We're dynamic, like the sun

The sun's color is constantly shifting from red/orange in the am to blue / green in the noontime to pink/yellow in the evening. Research is starting to show our bodies sense these shifts as another means to tell time and to prepare our biology for hunting & gathering, or for relaxing and sleeping 


We eliminate "Blue Spike"

Most white LEDs today produce white by "phosphor conversion". The LED is a 455nm "blue pump" and then phosphors convert some of the blue to other colors like green and red. The blue needed to produce white light comes from the blue pump, causing a BLUE SPIKE. The exaggerated blue from the spike is very unnatural, is damaging at nighttime, and is associated with "blue light hazard"


We fill the "cyan gap"

Research has shown that wavelengths in the 460nm-490nm range are peak circadian activating. These wavelengths correspond to the color CYAN in the spectrum. Typical white LEDs lack power at these wavelengths, missing the opportunity to tell your body it's daytime. 


We balance the spectrum

As you can see, typical, white LEDs produce a very unnatural,  "choppy" spectrum, with peaks and troughs. Leveraging advanced, phosphor technology our spectrum eliminates the spikes and troughs to closely mimic the smooth, balanced spectrum of the sun; our body's natural state. 

Image by Kamal Bilal
Bringing Natural Light Indoors

Our lighting products bring the natural rhythms of the sun indoors, delivering Circadian tuned and human-centric lighting for optimal health and wellbeing.

Contribute To Mental And Physical Performance

Apres lighting products are designed to support the body's natural rhythms, helping to enhance mental clarity, focus, and physical performance. 

Circadian Tuned Lighting

Our lighting products are specifically designed to mimic the natural rhythms of the sun, providing a circadian tuned lighting experience.

Mind And Body Wellness

Our lighting products help promote mind and body wellness by providing the right spectrum and intensity of light to support the body's natural rhythms, and improve sleep quality.

Our Lighting Solutions

Apres Illumination innovative lighting solutions are designed to improve your overall well-being and enhance the quality of life. Our FRESH™ and SKY™ lighting solutions are carefully engineered to provide the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for any space. At Apres Illumination, we're committed to delivering lighting solutions that improve your well-being and enhance your lifestyle.

Why Choose Apres?


Energy Efficency


Improve Health

productivity (3).png

Enhance Productivity


Innovative Technology

Meet The Founder

Jay LI Photo.jpeg

Jay Goodman


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At Après Illumination, we are on a never ending quest to mimic the sun's energy indoors. As more and more peer reviewed research gets published, the connection between a longer, happier , healthier life and the sun is undeniable. 

My last company I started in my garage to take advantage of the huge opportunity in energy saving lighting for commercial and industrial markets. We manufactured fixtures for many of the Fortune 100 companies in both their offices and warehouses and all based on precision optical control to maximize savings without compromising the quality of the illumination. I successfully exited that company in 2016.  


After 30 yrs. in this industry, I  can confidently say the opportunity for more Human-Centric lighting, lighting for people,  is going to make the energy savings "gold rush" look like child's play. 

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