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The L400 LED Class fixtures are low-profile suspended direct and/or indirect linear luminaries, configured for either individual or continuous row mounting. The 400 series provides a full curve design making it a great choice for those who value a more visual appeal to their lighting elements.


The L400 Class fixtures are designed for Indoor Commercial Lighting environments such as, Office, Education, Retail, Hospitality or other space where efficient and functional suspended fixtures are specified. Our quality manufactured product includes durable powder-coated white steel body and precision formed steel reflectors with a specular option. Other options include, varying length, lamp types, circuitry, and an emergency version. Available optics include: Flush Baffle and Frosted Acrylic Lens.

L400 Family (Full curved)


  • 2-1/2 x 9” profile


  • Lens or flush baffle options


  • 80 up / 20 down standard distribution


  • Distribution option (60/40, 50/50, 30/70, 20/80, 0/100)


  • 97 lumens/Watt High Output / 4274 Fixture lumens


  • 97 lumens/Watt Super Saver Output / 3303 Fixture lumens


  • 90 Lumens/Watt Very High Output / 5644 fixture lumens

  • IES files available on request

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