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SKY is a remarkable addition to our lighting lineup. Its human centric light mimicks the sun, providing natural light like never before. With the ability to fully imitate the rising and setting sun, this light will transform your space. The innovative design uses our revolutionary new HumanOptix light engine, leveraging the latest in phosphor technology. It completely eliminate the "blue spike" typical of most LEDs and creates a comfortable, balanced spectrum, much like the sun. 

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Image by Kamal Bilal
Bringing Natural Light Indoors

Our lighting products bring the natural rhythms of the sun indoors, delivering Circadian tuned and human-centric lighting for optimal health and wellbeing.

Contribute To Mental And Physical Performance

Apres lighting products are designed to support the body's natural rhythms, helping to enhance mental clarity, focus, and physical performance. 

Circadian Tuned Lighting

Our lighting products are specifically designed to mimic the natural rhythms of the sun, providing a circadian tuned lighting experience.

Mind And Body Wellness

Our lighting products help promote mind and body wellness by providing the right spectrum and intensity of light to support the body's natural rhythms, and improve sleep quality.

Benefits of Our Lights

Improve health and well-being

Improves cognitive performance and productivity

Creates a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere

Promotes better sleep patterns and overall health

Enhances mood and reduces symptoms of depression.

Improves visual acuity and color perception

Energy savings through efficient lighting technology

Aesthetic Appeal


Daytime versus Nighttime

Circadian Tuned Lighting

Our revolutionary technology is designed to align your body's natural rhythms with the 24-hour day, ensuring you get the right light at the right time.

Our Circadian lighting system is based on the science of the body's biological clock and provides lighting that mimics the natural daylight cycle. This means you get the right type and intensity of light at the right time of day, helping to regulate your sleep patterns and enhance your overall well-being.

SKY™ Specifications

  • Fully dynamic Daytime spectrum and Nighttime spectrum

  • Dual 0-10V inputs to control intensity and spectrum independently

  • Blue-enriched, high M/P ratio spectrum for daytime

  • Blue-depleted, low M/P ratio spectrum for evening / nighttime

  • Connects to third party astronomic clocks to track local sun

  • 12,000+ daytime lumens / 10,000+ night time lumens (customizable)

  • Available in 2', 3', and 4' diameters

LTDCR2x2 2.png

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