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1 + 1 = 2 or it just doesn't "add up"

This is unfortunate but not surprising given the rush to try anything to get back to normal. I wouldn't call this a "total fail" by any means as the fixtures are still making a contribution but I wouldn't call these a UVC solution. From the looks on the website it's more UVC as the photocatalyst for TiO2 and a multi-stage filtration system. This will certainly reduce the airborne pathogen count, but I can't see inactivating.

At Apres iLLumination we believe in treating the pathogen, not trapping it. Trapped, the filters become a biohazard with live pathogen during replacement and disposal.

Inactivation is hard and complex, but the math is simple. While there are various numbers depending on which publication you choose, the necessary Total Fluence for virus inactivation is expressed in mJ/cm2. Choose your study and your Total Fluence goal and then anyone making a fixture should be able to walk through the simple formula.

Fluence Rate (mw/cm2) x Exposure Time ( sec.) = Total Fluence (mJ/cm2)

The math either adds up or it doesn't

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